Monday, January 10, 2011

Nicotine free through janu'ree & The Cape

Bad rhyme and not quite true, but I liked the "How I Met Your Mother" Reference.

Well 2011 is definitely looking to be a good year.

I've haven't touched a cigarette for a week which means I've saved around 60 euros and of course I'm more healthy and will live longer and all that good stuff.

I've decided that as a reward I will buy a Nintendo 3DS when it arrives if I am still not smoking, as I will save around 250 euros a month, it should not pose a financial problem.

In other good news "The Cape" premiered with a double episode yesterday. I had thought about mentioning "The Cape" in my last post, but I wasn't really sure it would not be a huge disappointment.

Now I'm quite convinced that this will be one of the things that I look forward to every week.

The two first episodes were not perfect, but they were very good, especially for a superhero TV-show.

The superhero story managed to be both original and true to form. I have never read the comic, but I'm very hopeful and intrigued about where this will go.