Monday, November 19, 2012

Lonely Giant Games Status

Jungle Jumper has now been out for a month and half and is doing quite well. Here are some stats:

Jungle Jumper Downloads:

Google Play: 521
Amazon App Market 122
Opera App Market (Handster) 300
Total 937

My guess is that the game has probably been downloaded at least as many times again on some of the other free markets where I don't get any statistics as I have seen some big bumps in Admob stats that don't coincide with the known markets.

Admob Stats:

32,103 Ad requests
98.13% Fill rate (percentage of the requests that Admob could supply an ad for)
$0.26 RPM (revenue per thousand filled ad request)

$8.17 Total revenue.


Well I'm not exactly a millionaire yet, but it's a start. It's also worth mentioning that I have not spend any money on PR at all, the only money I have spent so far is the 25 dollars to register as a developer with Google Play.

The Future - Jungle Jumper 1.2 and more games

I've finally really gotten started on the next update for Jungle Jumper, here are the things that I'm certain will be in the update:
  • Achievement system
  • Fewer system accesses - There is definitely one access that I don't need, that should disappear.
  • New buttons - I've realized that I really don't like the buttons, so they will get a overhaul.
  • A loading / splash screen - I'm not a big fan of long splash screens that you can't skip, but this is a quick one that simple shows of Lonely Giant Games logo while saying loading. There are sometimes issues with the sounds not yet being loaded when a new game is started quickly resulting in the music not playing, this should fix that issue for good.

Things I hope to include, but which might be pushed to a later update:

  • A universal high score system - I've wanted this from the start, but it's a bit of a daunting thing to implement
  • Google Analytics - This would be very beneficial to find out how many people are really playing the game and statistics on how long the keep playing and what their scores are.
  • Cleaner graphics - I've spotted a few graphics artifacts that I want to get rid off, and I think I might get rid off the blurred out of focus effect on the background.
  • Better sound effects and music

More Games!

The way that I hope to become successful is of course through more games. I hope to regularly put out a good free game, so that people will come to expect good quality and no annoyances such as in-app purchases, ads that prevent you from enjoying the game or push notifications outside the game. Hopefully having several games will create a nice synergy.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Jungle Jumper Reviewed

The guys over at Play Android have been great with helping me get some exposure for my first game and have now also done a review of Jungle Jumper

They give me 17 out of 30 points, which I think is awesome for my first game. The biggest complain is the sound design, which I tend to agree with them about. I don't have much experience in sound effects and none in doing music. They also mention that there isn't much to do in the game and some upgrades you could earn or something similar would be nice, I have been thinking about something like that myself, possibly an achievement system as well.

I'm already working on my next game, but I also plan on doing a good update to Jungle Jumper soon and all these points will definitely be taken into consideration.

Stay tuned for more updates.