Sunday, April 12, 2015

Project Happy - Dev Diary 1

Introducing my new project. Codename "Happy" at the moment. This will be my first game developed in Unity and my first 3D game. I have decided on what direction I'm going in and done some prototyping.

Here is a video showing a prototype with the basic gameplay idea:

So the game is similar to Spore or Hungry Shark. You are a small dinosaur and to grow bigger you have to eat other dinosaurs, but be careful of dinosaurs bigger than yourself. The game will be for android and using a virtual directional pad for controls.

I'm hoping to keep the scope pretty reasonable with only three or four dinosaurs on release and have the landscape you move around be pretty small. I can always expand it later.

I've set up a rather ambitious development schedule:

12/04/2015 - Alpha development
26/05/2015 - Beta. Functionality lock, start serious testing / polish
12/06/2015 - Release date

Hopefully this is doable. I'm planning to try and spend as much as my free time as possible on this for the next two months to make it happen.

Tasks for the first week:

  • Plan out all the game interactions
  • Skim through The Art of Game Design and ensure game has a decent Aesthetics, Mechanics, Technology and Story balance.
  • Plan out the size of the game world and get a simple landscape working in Unity with the prototype dinosaur running around in it..
The plan is to follow up here on the blog every Sunday with the progress on last weeks tasks and a new set of goals.

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