Sunday, February 3, 2013

January Report

So as discussed in an earlier update I'm gonna start doing monthly reports on downloads and Admob stats.

A few caveats about the numbers. I was hoping to get good numbers of my entire install base from Google Analytics, but the numbers I'm getting are not making much sense, so I'll write the total number of downloads from Google Play, Amazon, Handster and GetJar. I have by far the most downloads on Getjar, about twice as many as Google Play. I'll also display the Active device installs from Google Play as that is the only number I really have on active installs.

Total installations end of January 2013:
Google Play

Active installations end of January 2013:

Admob stats January 2013:
Impressions 138,039
eCPM $0.39
CTR 0.92%
REVENUE $53.99


This is of course my first report so I can't really compare to earlier reports. But this has been a very good month. Almost all the GetJar downloads are from this month. And in the three months before the game earned $14.87. The big two things that have changed is that I published the game on GetJar and released the big 1.2 update.


The long term goal is to reach around $2,000 a month as that would really allow me to make a full time living off of my games. But my next month goal will be $100, hopefully the game will continue to do better and better on it's own, I'm also doing a small update that will ask people to rate the game when they've played it for a bit. More ratings will hopefully help with the games listing in Google Play. It also shouldn't be too long until the game get's past 5,000 downloads in Google Play which will hopefully help too.
I'm also working hard on my next game, but I doubt that will be out before the next report.

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