Monday, January 2, 2017

Jousting in Virtual Reality - Week 0

So I finally found a project I really want to sink my teeth into. Here's the rundown and my schedule for completing it.

So I got Touch controllers for my Oculus Rift in the beginning of December and I've been thinking about ideas for games ever since. Over the holiday break I finally put together a prototype for a Jousting game in Unity.

I posted about this on Reddit and got really positive responses and I've had a lot of fun building this.

So I've decided I want to turn this into a real game and if possible publish it on Oculus Home, either as a free game or a low priced one, €3-€5.


  • 2 mini game levels: One with a training dummy and one catching rings on the lance.
  • 4 matches with different knights.
  • 2 detailed jousting arenas, one in the country where you play your first two opponents and you also play the mini games and a fancy one at a castle where you joust your later opponents.
  • No multiplayer. I think multiplayer would be great for this, but I have never made a networked multiplayer game and I would not be able to test it. If I manage to finish this and people like it I will try and do a multiplayer mode.

I'm giving myself 12 weeks to finish the game. Deadline: March 26th 2017.


Week 1: Make one prototype match work completely gameplay wise. You can break lances or unseat your opponent and he can do the same to you and points are counted and a winner declared.

Week 2: Design the look of the game. Decide on the specific armour style we want to go with and design the horse(s), the two jousting arenas, the main character, the 4 opponents and the ring and dummy. And some ideas for the crowds etc.

Week 3: Model, texture, rig the horse, the main character knight, the first arena and the rings and dummy.

Week 4. Make a version of the game with the two mini games, and the first arena with real graphics (use hero knight for both players) and a menu. Put the game on and have people on Reddit try it out.

Weeks 5-8: Build the rest of the game. Model the remaining models and implement the different knights with different difficulty. Game should be feature complete. Upload updated version to and get more feedback / bugs.

Weeks 9-12: Implement sound and music and polish and fix bugs. SUBMIT GAME!!!

This schedule looks the right amount of insane to me. I really want to do this, it feels like a great game idea and a great opportunity.

I will be posting updates on this blog every Sunday.

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